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Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to End Birthright Citizenship

January 31st, 2011 by jdefelice

As a first term Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul is already making waves by introducing sweeping legislation related to immigration policy.  Yesterday, Paul announced plans to introduce a bill aimed at tackling the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which states that all persons born in the United States shall be US citizens.  Paul, along with Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana are aiming to amend this section to exclude the children born of illegal immigrants from being granted automatic citizenship.

More non-citizen immigrants are having children in the United States, creating situations where the parents are of uncertain or illegal immigration status with children that are full United State citizens by virtue of their birth.  This practice has raised concerns by some on the right, citing that these children are used as “anchor babies”, with individuals hoping to stay in the US by virtue of their children. However, under immigration law a citizen child of aliens must be 21 years of age in order to petition against deportation of their parents.

While immigration numbers continue to rise, eliminating birthright citizenship seems a knee-jerk reaction to the deeper realities of immigration law and citizenship in America.  What is even more surprising is that this fight is coming from individuals like Paul who believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and limited government.  To change the Constitution to suit a right-wing immigration policy, sponsored by someone who is intended to support the constitution, is quite perplexing.

We will follow this legislation, and keep you updated on any progress.

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